Back into regular routine, keeping healthy!

So after a hectic month, I am slowly getting back into my fitness and health routines. Just bought a house and after a month of being in the house things are finally slowing down. Don’t get me wrong I still have to weed the lawn almost everyday due to the fact the lot was vacant and no love was given to the lawn. “Dandelions in your face” (a phrase used in a rap song my husband wrote with his band “the bearcats” as a joke, not for public ears), those blasted cheerful things are so much work!! There is an endless list of things to do, but I finally feel like some things can wait just like everyone has been telling me. I guess I am still considered the generation that wants things immediately and the waiting is impossible. Fence needs repair, concrete needs to be levelled, paint touch ups (from my full week of painting and accidentally hitting the ceiling a few times, etc). But because I am currently house poor and too tired to do house repairs, my health is back on top as a priority.

Thankfully we have tons of leftovers from hosting, my dad’s care packages, and yet again another birthday dinner tuesday night. The host made lobster bisque as a starter, oh so delicious, I will have to steal that recipe from her if she is willing. Cooking has been at a minimal this week.  I still got to fit in a new recipe somehow! So monday morning we made healthy smoothies to take to work for breakfast. 

Orange Pear Green Smoothie: absolutely easy to make and super healthy for you. It tasted delicious and was one of the best green smoothies I have tasted so far. It took me 5 minutes sunday night  to have all the ingredients in two separate bowls ready to go for the next morning, taking another 5 minutes to make at it monday. The best thing about this smoothie is that I found it did not get chunky and thick. By the time I had time to drink the second half during my break at work it still was heaven! Amazing! Recipe: (picture below is from the website)Image


Now my husband is on a crazy manly diet adopted from the book “The 4-Hour Body” by Timothy Ferriss. High, high protein content. No so great for the girls unless you are a female body builder. He keeps saying it is just an experiment, but I am still worried he’ll end up like the terminator!!!! Attractive to some girls but not particularly my taste, I like the term moderation. So he is required to drink basically a full blender of this manly smoothie twice a day, including power bars twice a day as a snack on top of meals. Barf! Tuesday was the beginning of this experiment for him, and I tried a taste of it. It actually tasted delicious! Recipe as follows. 

Protein Shake:

3 cups of 2% milk

30g whey protein (chocolate flavour recommended)

1 banana

3 tbsp plain almond butter

5 ice cubes

Sorry no picture was taken for these monstrous shakes. But if those men out there are into the same thing, check out Timothy Ferriss’s book. Recipe is more detailed on page 207. For the girls who like to stay in shape the green smoothie above is perfect!

Wednesday night and feeling amazing after a 30 minute jog and 30 minute yoga session in our tiny home gym. I was showering off the sweat and noticed that my skin badly needs a body scrub. Began to day dream about when I would have time to make my own. Stay tuned in to see if I ever make such a luxury for myself, or if I end up purchasing it (which is more likely).


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