Mac and Cheese Two Ways and Fresh Trout Dinner

My weekend of night shifts has passed and now I am having troubles jumping back into my day routines (as per usual, but I’ll survive). My brain keeps telling me to go to bed even though I just woke up from a well-rested sleep. I had a low-key weekend since I had to work, but managed to fit in two exciting events into the schedule. My one boss had his house warming party on Saturday night and just before his party we visited our new puppy. We get to pick up the adorable bundle of fur in the next couple weeks. Her name is Ivy and she is a 9-week old Pembroke Welsh Corgi. So we both have tons of prep work and pet shopping to do this week. Can’t wait for her to meet her two sisters (I have a miniature schnauzer named Hoshi and a medium hair domestic cat named Brome). So exciting.

Saturday was one sleep-deprived day. I had put my name on the potluck list to bring a casserole and I didn’t have time on Saturday to cook anything since I was going from the breeders straight to Jeff’s new place after only sleeping for 3 hours. Blah! So instead I prepared a casserole Friday night and quickly baked it on Saturday (which needed re-warming at Jeff’s place before serving). So lots of people love quinoa and I had the perfect Pinterest recipe to try on them.

Cheesy Quinoa Mac  & Cheese: I personally like it super cheesy (so next time I will be adding more cheese and maybe a variety of stronger cheeses). Super simple to make, variety of variations, and a big hit with everyone. Even a co-worker asked for the recipe, which I will bring to her today. I stuck with the recipe and added broccoli but I think asparagus or artichokes would be a good vegetable to add to this hearty meal.  I really like the fact that it is something you can pre-make and freeze for a rainy day when you don’t want to cook. Here is how it turned out and the website the recipe was taken from.


Friday night dinner also consisted of a mac & cheese. It is sillier version but just as delicious.


Cheesy Macaroni with Hot Dogs & Brussel Sprouts (I told you it was silly).


2 cups whole wheat macaroni

2 packages Green Giant brussel sprouts (The steam ease type)

1 cup cheddar cheese

6 hotdogs

Salt and pepper


Boil the pasta as per direction and leave a bit al dente. Boil the hotdogs in a separate pot. Microwave the brussel sprouts as per direction. Put all the ingredients above into a pan with the cheddar cheese, warm until melted all the way through. That simple!




Baked Lemon Butter Steelhead Trout

Stuff a large trout with butter and lemon slices, season with salt and pepper, bake at 425 degrees celsius for 25 minutes. Another recipe that is super easy. 

Serve with what ever you like. 



Sometimes recipes aren’t complicated. May not be the most gourmet meals but an easy quick one is needed occasionally for a hectic tiring week. Enjoy. 


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