Protein Protein Quinoa

So everyone that likes and eats quinoa on a regular basis knows that it is a super food. Tons of essentials for your body especially protein. Now if you have been following my past post you know that my husband is doing this crazy protein diet (“not to bulk out but to experiment and increase his strength”). Don’t worry I am laughing as well, but I am being the supportive wife for the most part. I am counting down the days the experiment ends, however he is lifting an extra 15 pounds on average each week and only working out twice a week. He eats like a maniac. I am constantly making high protein meals for him and trying different quinoa recipes from pinterest. Since he needs to eat three protein bars per day in between his meals, I made some quinoa protein bars.

Cinnamon Quinoa Bake 


They tasted a bit bland, but if topped with a nut butter as the recipe suggested it is a nice snack. They are really dense and moist and I found them super duper filling. A small square with an apple for lunch made me so full and I usually eat large meals. I brought the remainder of them to a small gathering of friends on friday night where we chatted, played scattergories and listened to old records purchased from garage sales. Our one friend Megan is an all star garage sale master, she has gotten some sweet ass deals. We just got lucky and bought their old canoe off them because they found a better one at a garage sale saturday morning. Can’t wait to take it out this year, we borrowed it last year to go fishing and canoeing down the Bow River from Lake Louise. It was so much fun.

I also made Vegan Chocolate Quinoa Protein Bars, these however did not turn out as the website has depicted. Now I might have to blame it on my food processor, as it did not have the muscles to break down the pitted dates. I am assuming that those two dates are suppose to bind the bars together, but I’d be really shocked that only two dates would make such a difference. Mine turned out very mushy and unless left in the freezer their form is lost. The recipe is quite tasty, gluten free, vegan and easy to make, so I will have to experiment to find something to bind them a bit better. We have been eating them with a spoon since it is quite messy. Eventually my husband gave up and went back to his store bought protein bars since they are not as messy and easier to eat on the go. 


Me and my husband were also making fun at the appearance of them, as ours did not look as appealing as the ones on pinterest. Oh well.

It’s been a bit of a gong show this week for me coming off night shifts monday morning to jump into day shifts tuesday morning (6 day shifts in a row after 4 night shifts is just torture).  All of this and I still finished gardening, finished shopping for the new puppy, made it to friday’s bbq and saturday’s stagette dinner at Craft. I did however just black out for a three hour nap, I think my body is trying to tell me something. Now I get one day off tomorrow (monday) and back into 4 day shifts. Monday I am having my best friend over for dinner and possibly her boyfriend, still deciding what to make. I’ll have to sleep on it. 


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