Flooding and Donations. Food: Kale Noodle Bowl with Avocado Miso Dressing, Vanilla Fruit Cake, Crispy Mash Potatoes, and Asian Lettuce Wraps.

It has been awhile since I have written a post.  A lot has been happening, both good news and bad. We recently picked up our new puppy Tuesday, June 18th, 2013. Training has been going better than anticipated. Her name is Ivy, and she is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. She is enjoying play times with both of her sisters, Hoshi (miniature schnauzer) and Brome (cat). Blissfully oblivious to the flood and other furry friends who are affected by the flood.


In the meantime during the last week, Alberta has been hit with a large amount a rainfall, which has caused flooding and heavy damage to several communities. Currently they are needing assistance with food, money, and clothing donations for those who have been evacuated from their homes. Please help where you can with donations. Thankfully our close friends and family are safe and have places to stay, but several families need help and are still living in shelters. Too give you some idea with what is happening, there is a link attached.


Also the next link attached is where you can donate and spread the word to assist in repairing families and communities.


I am able to catch up on my blog during some down time as I am working night shifts at the hospital this weekend. All elective surgeries were cancelled on Friday due to the flood. Some patients are stuck in the hospital because of the road closures and evacuations of their communities.

I managed to make a few new meals prior to and during the natural disaster in Calgary. The day before we went to pick up the puppy I tried a new recipe, anticipating cooking would probably be the last priority during puppy training (we are very serious about having well behaved pets).

Kale Noodle Bowl with Avocado Miso Dressing

It is a simple quick recipe and tasted pretty good (at least to us healthy creatures). I cheated a bit and used our stock of “Naan” Miso Gravy rather than what was called for in the recipe. Also, I quickly grabbed buckwheat noodles at the store, but just a heads up, not all buckwheat noodles are gluten free as the recipe suggested. I looked on the back of the package I had bought and it contained wheat flour. So when cooking for our celiac friends, be extra careful to buy the correct noodles. I also recommend to slice the kale strips extra thin, it taste much better.



My husband was away last weekend for a 4 day stag party for very a close friend. They ended up going to Whitefish (Montana) and had a blast. I was a bit jealous, but still had a fun time with my family celebrating my brother’s 32nd birthday and Father’s Day. However since Brett missed Father’s Day with his dad, we had booked the following Saturday to do dinner with them. I made a cake on Thursday for the dinner, it turned out looking like a Fourth of July cake unintentionally. Pretty though. I won’t post the link for the cake, but just use a standard white vanilla cake recipe (if you want to cheat and make life easier you can buy the store bought cake package and make that).

I layered the middle of the cake with blueberry jam and fresh whipping cream. I then frosted the remainder of the cake with whipping cream. Topping the cake off with fresh strawberries and blackberries in whatever pattern you desire. The cake was amazing and super light and summery.



So after all the events of the flood we checked in on the in-laws if they still wanted to come for dinner on Saturday, since some roads would be closed off. They still wanted to go ahead with it. So I made a quick easy meal with Joeys as an inspiration. My three favourite meals at this restaurant are the Ahi Tuna Tacos, Crispy Mash Potatoes, and Chinatown Lettuce Wraps. I attempted a different version of the Wraps and Mash Potatoes.

Asian Lettuce Wraps

Super delicious and easy to make. I also made an addition to this recipe buy adding vermicelli noodles to the wraps. Still gluten free and healthy.



Crispy Mash Potatoes

I failed this miserably but still tasted good. The crispiness did not come through with how I made them. The idea was to make mash potatoes, grate cheese into mash potatoes, take spring roll wrappers and place mash potatoes in it, and deep fry. I however had no deep fryer and couldn’t find spring roll wrappers at Co-op (not wanting to go to Superstore and chance getting stuck somewhere from the flood). I tried to wrap them in rice wrappers and pan fry them, which didn’t work so I then tried to bake them which still didn’t work. I have seen my dad use rice wrappers instead of spring roll wrappers and gotten them crispy without a deep fryer, so I know it is possible.

I did not take a picture of this failure not out of embarrassment, but I forgot. I’ll try them again some other time.

Now I probably won’t get to post again soon. We will be providing our assistance in the next few weeks to help clean up Calgary  and help where ever else we can. Dividing our time on training the new puppy, and also attempt to host two housewarming parties that were planned ages ago. They still think they can host the Famous Calgary Stampede in two weeks time, which I think is bonkers. I have never been a big fan of the Stampede being born and raised in Calgary, but I do hope they are able to pull it off. Not only will it help bring businesses back to life after hard times, but also bring hope and happiness back to Calgary in small ways. Downtown Calgary got hit the hardest with the flood, but I guess we will have to see what miracles can be performed for the city of Calgary and its inhabitants.


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