Coconut Poached Fish

One of my rare treats is having my husband cook for me. He is actually a very good cook, but never has the time to make anything, because I usually make it home before he does. I make it home before him by two hours if we both work day shifts. It’s a given that I cook if I work night shifts (since I sleep all day). Lucky me right, walk the dogs and feed the household. Oh well, I enjoy those roles on most days. However since he is a teacher and gets two months off during the summer, he occasionally will treat me with a delicious meal.

I came home one day to him doing the weirdest thing. He was poaching two pieces of steelhead trout into a pot of boiling coconut milk. I thought it was intriguing and wondered how he even came about such an idea. He got it off the Internet of course, but I’m still impressed that he managed to find such a recipe knowing he had those two ingredients to work with. I went grocery shopping after work and came home with a few items. He had his fingers crossed that I had picked up spinach. Incidentally I did grab some, not knowing he needed it.

It appeared to be really simple to make. I watched him poach the fish for a few minutes. Our bright pink fish came out pale white. He placed it on a plate while he wilted the spinach in the coconut milk mixture. Pretty easy I would say. We ate it on a bed of jasmine rice and it was one of the creamier things I have eaten in a long time. Super tasty.


Here is the recipe he used.

Now the picture does not look appealing in my opinion because it lacks any color. If you wanted you can garnish the dish with some more greens. Personally, I would poach thin slices of red and yellow bell peppers with the spinach to add some flare. Enjoy.


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