Luu Luu Lemons and Appetizers

Okay I have been MIA for about a month. What can I say, it’s been a fun busy summer of parties and parties! We went to Kelowna for my brother’s stag and his fiance’s (now wife) stagette at the end of August. It was a blast. 

We went to a pretty nice restaurant and my favourite thing there were the risotto fritters. Picture below.


If you are in Kelowna, British Columbia, I would recommend you try this restaurant out. Amazing service, some really hot servers (both male and female), and really delicious grub.
Cabana Grille – you can check out there menu at the link below.

During the first night there we played some games and had a few drinks to warm up the weekend. My sister in law’s brother and wife mixed up this crazy delicious drink. At first we looked over and all we could see was boxers beers being poured into a juice jug then topped with 1/2 bottle of Smirnoff vodka. We all thought gross. Then they handed out a shot glass of this brew to everyone. I was ready to take the plunge of nasty…down the hatch it went. I was pleasantly surprised when it tasted delicious, smooth, and refreshing. We missed the part were they had put in frozen lemonade concentrate before the other two ingredients. 

I will name this lovely drink after them and call it the “Luu Luu Lemon.” Our other friends also gave it a few names, Porch Crawlers, Hooch Juice, and Hate Juice. Call it whatever you want, but it creates crazy fun times. I re-created it for another party back in Calgary and still loved it. I served it with some tasty gluten-free appetizers for the long weekend BBQ we attended. In the picture below there are Campesino Salami with fresh homegrown basil, Anco Smoked Gouda with garlic stuffed olives, Artichoke & Asiago dip with fresh tomato on the vine, Anco Smoked Gouda with Belgium milk chocolate. All served on Baked Rosemary Lentil Chips.



6 lucky beers (or any low grade beer)

2 frozen lemonade from concentrate cans

1 bottle of Smirnoff vodka (750ml)

That simple, mix and enjoy.




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