Pickerel Topped with Black Olive Tapenade, String Beans Topped with Black Olive Tapenade.

My husband has been all gung-ho about following this Paleo Diet he tried out for one month, we are trying it on a regular basis now with one cheat day per week. I am all for trying it and am very supportive about it, but unfortunately only succeeded in following it maybe 80% of the time. It is hard to come up with new things to make when you are only supposed to use fresh ingredients and nothing processed, not even grains. The hardest thing I would say is that you are constantly at the grocery store and the time it takes to make the meals. Making bulk quinoa, rice, pasta, etc, saves time. Believe me it saves a lot of time. Even then, I figure if I am cheating most of the meals are usually healthy anyways. Fish is one of our regular dishes that we eat and I find it hard to come up with new toppings for fish. We have already done lemon dill, teriyaki, sweet chili Thai, coconut, maple glazed, salt and pepper, and various versions of those. Browsing through the cupboards and I found some Black Olive Tapenade. Decided to top the fish off with some of this and see how it turned out. It was pretty good actually. I served it with a side of steamed string beans, a bed of quinoa, and the Rosemary Baked Pumpkin (from previous post). So if it weren’t for the bed of quinoa the meal would be considered Paleo. Right don’t you agree, it’s still pretty healthy even though it’s not 100% Paleo.


Another dinner I tried the same thing but spiced up the string beans with the tapenade. I saw a post on Pinterest that showed a recipe that was called black olive tapenade beans. Except for the fact that I was cheating and using pre-made black olive tapenade, it turned out delicious. I first steamed the beans and then sautéed the beans in a frying pan with the black olive tapenade. This dish was served with BBQ buttered potatoes with seasoning salt and a BBQ smokie. I’m sure gonna try making the tapenade from scratch for next time since I have no idea where to get it, we got the one pictured below in a gift basket. I hope you test it out and like it.



Here’s the link to the recipe.


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