Healthy Movie Night Snacks

It’s definitely nice to sit down and gorge yourself on a bowl of popcorn. I will always order it when I go to the movie theatre, it is a lovely treat all people should enjoy once and awhile. Trust me I finish my medium bag of popcorn topped with dill pickle seasoning, it doesn’t even last to the half way point of the movie. 

However, I just don’t like homemade popcorn as much as I like the popcorn at the theatre. Not sure why. Doesn’t matter if it taste good, I just don’t enjoy it as much. Strange, must be the setting of the theatre that amps up the happy vibes for me. Anyways we try to mix it up sometimes and this time we made a snack board to watch a movie on Netflix. Below we have farmer market mini cucumbers, carrots, peaches, salami, figs, heirloom tomatoes, smoked gouda, chocolate chips, all served with Cupcake Wine. Come on you have to enjoy life. Traded the popcorn for the wine, I think that is a pretty fair trade. It was a healthy way to watch a movie and I was stuffed to the brim with guilt free food. 




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