Juicing it Up

Fennel and Pear Juice

So randomly I decided to pull out that juicing machine again, the “Hurom.” Trying to get rid of the extra vegetables and fruits that were becoming ripe too quickly, a juicer is the perfect thing for that. 

I used the remainder of the fennel (which was about half the bulb and half the stalk of a medium fennel) and two pears. 

It made two small glasses. Healthy and refreshing, but you really have to like black licorice flavour.



Watermelon Juice and Honey Green Tea

I juiced half a mini watermelon. The juice alone was so tasty. I had juice enough for 3 large glasses, and decided to try one mixed with half a glass of Tao Ti honey green tea. It has become one of my favourite drinks, I chugged it so fast. I’m thinking next time, try it with some grey goose vodka for a fun party drink. I’m all for new delicious alcoholic drinks for parties. 



Green Bean, Mandarin, and Cucumber Juice

Alright this one wasn’t so great. Actually gross in my opinion. Hey I am being honest at least. I can imagine you making this and spitting it back out. But taking a shot of my vitamins in liquid form isn’t so bad. This consisted of a cup of string beans, two mandarin oranges and half an english cucumber. The string beans overpowered everything else. I chugged this so fast, not because it tasted like the watermelon drink. Your challenge make this drink taste good and let me know what else you put in it. Good luck. 



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