Family Gathering/Housewarming #3

So after the busy summer events for everyone, our amazing family finally had some down time. The remainder of our aunts, uncles, and cousins that haven’t had a chance to come see the new house, came over for dinner on Sunday.

We made a feast. I bought some steaks and sausages from Costco that we BBQ’d up. So this was another opportunity to pull out some Pinterest recipes and try them out. I was unfortunately too busy and forgot to grab photos before serving the food. So photos are a courtesy from the original website/blog.

We served these sides:

1) Costco: Super Kale Salad.

2) Thai Peanut Slaw.


Super easy to make. I would say it tasted good enough for a wrap, but I wanted to kick it up a notch. I ended up making an extra batch of our usual peanut sauce recipe and added it to the salad. Delicious. Huge batch all gone in two days! Yum.


3) Rigatoni Pasta

Okay well I used this recipe, however I did NOT make the fancy pie form. I just made it into a regular casserole dish. The recipe is delicious and everyone seemed to like it a lot. It was easy to make bulk and have tons of leftover for lunches.


4) Butternut Squash Chipotle Chili with Avocado

This was easy to make as well, however I needed to cook it longer than 1 hour as the recipe suggested. I made it the night before and just popped on the slow cooker a few hours before dinner. I however should have followed the recipe’s instructions when it came to the amount chipotle I added to it. It was definitely way too spicy for me and a few others. I’ll have to find a way to lighten the spice level for the amount of leftovers I have. But easy to freeze the bunch if we don’t get through it.


We served these as desserts:

1) Coconut Date Truffle

Pretty easy and delicious. The hardest part getting them to stick together while you roll them into a ball. Also you need a really good food processor. Stays well in the fridge.


2)Blueberry Filled Angel Food Cupcakes with Lemon Whipped Cream.

Delicious and easy. If your in a pinch just get pre-made angel good cake mix and blueberry jam. Then make the icing.


Happy Eating. Throw some more dinners and experiment some new recipes on your dinner guest! So much fun!


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