Karaoke Night Snacks

So this weekend was certainly fun. My sister in-law was in town visiting and we hosted a karaoke party for her. During the week we had tons of delicious foods from various restaurants, most of them greasy and filling. Once and while it is definitely worth it. For saturday night I wanted to make some filling appetizers for the party and at the same time healthier than what we have been eating. I love Pinterest, it is my go to website for new recipes. (Some are my photos and some are the original website’s photos).

Cheesy Pull Apart Garlic Bread

Super delicious and easy to make. People just get to pull apart the pieces and chow down. Nice filling snack.



Pico de Gallo Salsa

This was an amazing recipe. You can make it in bulk and have fresh salsa in your fridge all the time. So much better than the salsa you buy at the store pre-packaged. I’m pretty sure once we finish the remaining salsa that I bought, I will never buy salsa again. Very minimal ingredients and easy to make. I did add small amount of balsamic vinegar to the recipe shown to add more flavour. Also perfect for everyone when served with corn chips (Vegan and Gluten Free). We were at a tasty Mexican restaurant with some friends called Anejo, and they had amazing salsa. It was the inspiration for my search of homemade salsa that was easy to make. Check out the restaurant and the homemade salsa recipe below.


d1db6f1aef2c54799c9761946cf9123a (pinterest photo)


Chilled Soba in Cucumber Cups

This can also be a vegan and a gluten free snack, as long as you purchase gluten free soba noodles. Also quick and simple to make, the most time consuming part was to scoop the holes out of the cucumber to make the cups.


506b04b7d9127e30ea0015bc._w.540_h.540_s.fit_ (pinterest photo)


Vegan Stir Fry Ramen

This is also a great filler to have at a party. Healthier than the usually pizza, hot dogs, and burgers. I might have to cut back on the spice level next time. The chilli sauce was a tad bit too much for me, but I am sure tons of people would like that amount.



I made a similar dish to what I made for my brother when he came over for dinner. The family style sauteed beef on a bed of arugula, mixed greens, and raddicio. I didn’t serve rice with it this time, served just as a salad. (No picture included, see previous post for recipe).

Small sandwiches were also served as snacks. Nothing special, the regular cold cuts, cheese, mixed greens, tomatoes, honey mustard in between bread. I did splurge and get some amazing breads from Cobs! The Chia seed bread was great and will be a regular on my grocery list.


Mexican Bulldog (Hate) Juice

Now there is an ongoing joke with our group of friends that the Luu Luu Lemon drink brings out the hate in everyone. (See previous post for recipe). Friends have also now given it a few more additional names, Love juice and Bastard Juice. I came up with another version of the Luu Luu Lemon drink for the party and served both.

6 Coronas
2 Limeade concentrate
1/2 bottle tequila

Party on folks.


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