Local foods VS Costco

Walnut Diary

The problem with the whole local foods movement is that when it comes right down to it, consumers are slaves to their training:  they resolutely search out the lowest possible price, and the kind of food everyone admits is good for you costs 30 to 40% more, so most people talk one way and then load up their carts at Costco with factory-grown chicken, pork, and imported fruits and vegetables.

This kills the market for local food.  Of course it’s hard to feel enthusiastic about a cartload of Costco.

Then there’s the look on the faces of visitors to the sugar shack when they get their first taste of Canada tea, made with boiling sap and a tea bag.  First it’s amazement at a new taste they haven’t encountered before.  Then they look a bit bewildered:  “Why am I so surprised by a new taste?  Why does everything in my…

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