Book Review of Naked Imperfection

Naked Imperfection by Gillian Deacon.
Book Review and Personal Views


Gillian has some interesting viewpoints when faced with cancer. It’s a huge fear that looms among us all. We worry that it will touch us or someone we love.

My favourite paragraph in the book:
“Yours is the deepest hole, cancer. You have repossessed and forever tainted the letter C. You sneak up on smooth-running operations and overwhelm the system, splintering forms, families, futures. A shiny black jacket conceals your cavernous bowel; dark glasses hide your hollow eyes, sockets of brow bone. You are crepuscular emptiness, the consummate menace; you will never know love. Cruising with a villainous strut, you command submission; we bow in your presence”.

It is so beautifully written for such a dark depressing topic.

Her way of life before cancer was impressive and deserves praise to some extent. However her perspectives were way to extreme to even enjoy life. The one sentence that describes the ridiculousness of her ideals, “I menstruate into a reusable silicone cup.” Like whaaaaaaaat? Disgusting and how?
I definitely try to keep an open mind about different care aspect working in the medical profession. I definitely have my personal views, but they do not affect how I will care for you if you believe in something different. Everyone has their own strengths, practices, beliefs, and if they mentally help you get through tough times, then by all means. I will support whatever my patient believes in. I will sit and wholeheartedly pray, chant voodoo, participate in crystal healing if that is what it takes to make you feel better. But as soon as I step out of those hospital doors and people ask, my own perspectives are clearly voiced.

One thing I can’t help but notice are the patterns of these holistic practitioners/nutritionist. Their advice for every illness frustrates me to a whole new level. I personally feel like it is the newest cult out there. They suck you in to this ideal and make you feel a certain way. If you fully believe in it I will listen and support you. But anyone with my views will agreed that this next sentence brings pure rage.
“You know, I’m not legally allowed to tell you that you should not go ahead with medical cancer treatment, but I have to tell you that your cancer can be controlled and completely eradicated with diet.” If you’re not legally allowed to say it, THEN DON’T! Especially if it may affect the chances of someone surviving cancer, that is a selfish risk. A diet can boost your immune system, make you less bloated, give you more energy, and various other things, BUT do not ever tell me that it can cure cancer unless you have some scientific proof that it has worked on millions.
Big surprise the holistic nutritionist in the book suggest no eggs, no dairy, no wine….and almost every other one says… no wheat!!! @#%*^$
Why can’t people just teach healthier eating habits with NO restrictions. Teach moderation and balance. They suggest to stop consuming wheat, dairy, etc, is the cure/answer to everything. Then why are the top ten countries who have the most centenarians several countries in Europe and Japan. I can for sure say Europeans gobble bread and cheese down almost on a daily basis, and guzzle alcohol. The oldest person I took care of was an 103 year old Italian lady and my job was to bring her evening vitamins and pour her a glass of wine every day. She ate everything, was fully functional, and healthy. My ideal of old age.

There is one quote from a doctor in the book that I totally agree with.
“You would be crazy, he wrote, not to use the proven success of Western medicine’s tools (surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation) to fight your cancer. But you would be equally crazy to only use those tools.”

I absolutely loved this book. It opens you up. Her writing style is a thrill, her vast use of complicated words are fun to learn, and her experiences and thoughts well presented.
Words that I have learned: lilliputian, succour, cacophonous, pedagogical, crepuscular, quotidian, bailiwick, salubrious, axiomatic, vacuously, ablutions, assiduously, halcyon, obstreperous, panacea, doyenne, and vinaceous. If you already knew some of these words, bravo, bravo!

There is my review and there is my rant. Hope you get a chance to read the book.


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